US fashion designer, Zac Posen, popularly known for his outspoken support for the #BlackModelsMatter campaign has just found himself in a little dig after producing a dress almost identical to pieces from Ghanaian fashion brand Afre Anko’s SS17 collection.

Afre Anko is a fashion brand that stands as one of Ghana’s top brands creating clothes with some of the most amazing finishing the country has. The brand is a little removed from the pop culture, yet it is known for creating clothes for some of Ghana’s diplomats, dignitaries and esteems individuals of high position.

It’s last collection was showcased last year at Accra Fashion Week from ‘one of her three’ fashion lines ‘Miss Afre Anko’. Naa, The head designer behind the brand created a casual wear with suiting fabric decorated with floral red print. Alternatively and very similar to this, Zac Posen presented a same such dress, only this time with actual red sewn in flower designs.

There is no telling what inspired Zac Posen to randomly create an almost identical dress to that of Afre Anko, but history has shown Africa’s lack of ability to record our history in fashion and popularize our designs and brands for years has led to our talents being emulated by some of the biggest brands in the West. In fact we have published so many of these in the past here on

There is a new Africa now, with fashion blogs and social media handlers just as swift as that of the west. Maybe it is time we make it viral everytime such creativity is mysteriously emulated so credits to such creativity and talent can be pointed in the right direction in the case of designers that do copy creativity.