Ghana month is celebrated in March by Ghanaians as the country was the first sub Saharan African country to gain independence from British colonial rule on 6th March, 19571. Since that day, every March 6 is celebrated across the country with activities to promote Ghana and made in Ghana products through out the month of March.

One of the activities is the wear Ghana agenda promoted in March for Ghanaians and others to patronize clothing and accessories that tells our heritage and made by Ghanaian creators and designers more.

Ghana is a country full of unique creative people, thus the wear Ghana month initiative is a very good one. 2022 had some talented designers from Ghana showcased impeccable collections on Accra Fashion Week.

Let’s make this Wear Ghana Month unique with some splendid designs from top talented designers from Ghana who showcased on the Accra Fashion Week 2022.

Angelina Scissora

Angelina Scissora (Ghana)


Kayadua (Ghana)

Akosua Akangah

Akosua Kangah (Ghana)




ZaQi enCLOTHE (Ghana)

Catherine L

Catherine L. (Ghana)

AB Martins

Ab-Martins (Ghana)

Kustom looks

Kustom Looks (Ghana)

Loiusa Yaayra

Yayraa (Ghana)


Ntomaadie (Ghana)

Aba Blankson

Aba Blankson (Ghana)

Mikoko Deluxe

Mikoko Deluxe @ Accra Fashion Week 2022 Summer/Harmattan


Vicci Mahi


Vicci Mahi (Ghana) @ Accra Fashion Week 2022 Summer/Harmattan