Proud graduate of Ghana’s popular school ‘JACCD’ has set fire and made a historical contribution to style in Ghana. As previously we have seen various contributions in the past that have never faded. Such as stretchy woven print clothing, the popular button bib necklace and print strand necklaces, and much more. These are all characteristics and attributes that comes to mind when one speaks of fashion in Ghana.

Our extended AVION CAPE

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However, spectacularly, a signature style that is picking up in Ghana by fashion designer Melanie Crane, is the Avion Cape by Melanie Crane, a V Shawl bib, as seen styles on Ghanaian style girls such as Akosua Vee. When one seeks a more royal edge to their style, this is definitely an clothing item that should be added to one’s closet.

Not only does it work magnificently in the winter, look wise, but also the black fringe details sub merges perfectly with rich print colors selected by the designer. The Avion Cape as she calls it has also been purchased and dawned by many celebrities such as Sandra Ankobia and more.

This year the designer is set to amaze us with her latest collection