ASHARA is an afro futuristic clothing brand in Senegal that focuses on casual chic designs for the modern confident woman. They are an Afro futuristic fashion brand because of how they design trendy alluring outfits with colorful unique African print fabrics.

ASHARA showcased their summer/harmattan collection entailing elegant resort looks, corporate and red carpet looks that astonished the crowd at the Accra Fashion Week 2022 held in Ghana.

Ashara has been consistent in promoting unique African prints while designing dashing outfits for the bold woman for all occasions. The brand’s aim is to an authentic international African brand that solidifies the richness of the continent.

From their summer/harmattan collection they showcased at the Accra Fashion Week 2022, they had a two piece crop long sleeve button top and an over-lapping mini skirt with a pocket detail.

The design screams comfort, elegance and boldness that every modern must have in her wardrobe. See the lovely design in different print below