The Electric Fashion brand Bobbin and Seif gets one major nomination after winning Upcoming Designer Of The Year at Kenya fashion awards 2016 which was held at Tribe Hotel on the 5th of september 2016.


The have been nominated for ASFA(the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards) 2016 as Designers of the year, East Africa, which is not surprising after all the effort that have put together to stand out as a Unique type of Fashion Brand in Africa, they have showcased startling designs on Nairobi Elegance Fashion week, Swahili Fashion Week and South African Menswear Week in Cape Town and recently stole the show at Accra Fashion Week and Kampala Fashion Week in Uganda.

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Its happening on December 2016 at Kampala Serena Hotel.


Read more about Bobbin and Seif on the link below;