Style by Magbrien is a renowned fashion brand founded by award-winning entrepreneur Abigail Ewuradjoa Boison. It is a proudly Ghanaian-owned brand that makes unique ready-to-wear designs that provide luxury within means.

The brand takes pride in making great finishing in all its designs and is adept at playing with colour, utilizing amazing colours in all its designs to suit a client’s needs.

Style by Magbrien obtained the Best New Fashion Brand awards at the FashionGHANA Honours and Awards 2021 pummeling 10 other contesting fashion brands.

In the same year, however, Magbrien also released its menswear brand showcasing a set of lavish menswear tops proving its capacity to satisfy both local and foreign men of excellence.

Style by Magbrien provides a set of outfits perfect for those that wish to stand out among crowds specifically set for debonair occasions like weddings, baby showers, church services, special business meetings, and so on. Their designs are made to order, so you can request a custom that fits perfectly.

At PayPecker Accra Fashion Week 2021, Style by Magbrien stormed the runway showed her brilliance by fusing avant-garde with ‘80s and ‘90’s vogues into new creative fashion.

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