From AFW Virtual Show to PayPecker @Accra Fashion Week: Impari Moda Returns With Spectacular Collection


Inequality has always reverberated through the ways societal systems have been set up all around the globe. Jana Heinemann served up her own multi-messaging version of it through Impari Moda on the runway in Accra — a massive real-life event held at Ghana’s biggest fashion showcase event.

People sat massed together in the gleaming and well-ranked Circle Dubai, unmasked and sitting back to give way to Impari Moda’s supermodels and entertainers as they descended from somewhere high up in the microphone-shaped long staircase.

Clad in the spectrum of Jana’s ideas about global, generational, and gender non-conforming realities, Afro-European tradition and, of course, Impari Moda’s checks and trenches, the models descended to pose around the colourful sprouting water-fountain with colourful reflectors stuck to their forehead, as if for a Halloween party.

Impari is an Italian word that means Unequal. The label is a sustainable fashion brand in Berlin having its store opened in April 2019. All of their designs are created by Jana Heinemann influenced by the Berlin-Afro scenes, the city in general and various residency abroad.

Impari does not only mix different fabrics and prints, but also different styles. The label works with an own created zero-waste technique and reuses all the cutting waste. The goal of the creative designer is to combine colours, original and self-created prints with comfortability, sustainability and individuality.

Every piece of Impari has its own mix. Their fashion is comfortable, colorful and uneven. See their Spring Summer collection showcased at Accra Fashion Week 2021 below.