For all the foreign visitors buying tickets, if you have not already arranged your travel plans, then you are in luck. Next week, we would be listing for you a set of amazing rooms and hotel deals for you to occupy during the Accra Fashion Week 2016.

These are deals owned by beautiful hotels and lodges that may not be so internet savvy and not easy to find on google. Not to worry, we will list prices with images (taken by us) including facilities, bathrooms and toilets, as well as surrounding area, so you really will know what you are book.

Accra Fashion Week is set to be your once in a life time opportunity to really experience fashion from across the world, so don’t miss out, and start preparing your trip to Ghana! In order to be updates below, simply register to our mailing list which will provide all updates and information regarding Accra Fashion Week, and look out for details on accommodation.

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