BlueCrest (SFD) To Host Eccentric Fashion Show At Accra Fashion Week ‘Open To All’


Reknowned college, BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design (SFD) is set to host a magnificent show of it’s top student during Accra Fashion Week 2016. The BlueCrest (SFD) show is open to all and will take place on Friday the 7th, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Blue Crest is a highly accredited university in Ghana, which recently opened it’s fashion department two years ago in 2014.

Since then the school has developed a strong set of talented designers and within its existence has already been nominated for various awards. The university has showcased on various established platforms including Ghana Fashion Awards 2015. Located in the heart of Accra, BlueCrest hosts students from Ghana and other African countries.The key objective of the SFD is to create “Industry ready professionals” for Fashion & Design Industry.

Although students from the first year of BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design will not graduate until 2017, the school believes their students continue to impress many at various fashion shows and Accra Fashion Week would stand as a great launching pads to their branding and experience of fashion in the real world.

Accra Fashion Week 2016 will hold from the 5th to the 9th with various activities taking place, including a free all day Accra Fashion Fair exhibition, seminars and more. To get a taste of the talent BlueCrest SFD has in store, visit