One of Ghana’s prominent luxury brands Afre Anko is known for having various lines. However her Miss Afre Anko line which consists of using African prints for her prestige costumers have always received questioning from the odd visitor that wan’ts something more affordable.

However the brand is not budging and feel that some fashion clients in society need to be educated on fashion especially when it comes to African fashion.

Afre Anko believe there is a high amount of vultures in the Ghanaian fashion industry ready to make anything appealing to the eye with little to no quality of details that secures the client satisfaction, and part of this has been branded in the core of African prints.

So most people are used to buying African print at it’s very core of simply obtaining a dress for the imagery end of satisfaction. Afre Anko believes a simply skirt is never a simply skirt. Areas such as pleating, finishing, lining, invisible zip fastening, construction of patterns need to be considered. And with the plight of money grabbers in the industry most clients are ignorant to such details.

The brand is not budging and believe, even with an all print collection line they can restore luxury into the concept of print fashion. This was proven when they wowed the audience at the just ended Accra Fashon Week with their Chilly/Rainy collection. Watch it below.