Stephanie Benson Revolutionalizes The Golden Movie Awards Runway With Clatural’s Mesh Cape Dress


Stephanie Benson is a lively character and always aims to surprise her fans on each and every runway she steps on.
The 51 year old UK-based Ghanaian international singer also known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of Kokobin, is and performer who is rooted in jazz music.

Stephanie made a very loud statement at the just ended Golden Movie Awards night earning herself in the top 15 best dressed according to However this was by no random coincidence. She took a daring step by flaunting a mesh cape dress created by one of Ghana’s main fashion brands Claturally.

The mesh designs is a new trend in Ghanaian fashion that sees African print woven into it’s own fabric design and worn as segments of a full dress or an overlay outfit over under garments allowing the beauty of the print overlay to work in addition to the beautiful clothes underneath.

Well the daring staphanie Benson decided not to merge it over an under outfit or dress, but with her underwear, giving attendees of the Golden Movie Awards nothing but the mesh. See it below.

Claturally’s mesh designs is really taking the fashion world by storm as she began producing the fabrics for various brands across the world. However, she has taken it upon herself to align her works strictly with her own fashion line and is ready to unleash a complete set of mesh fashion on the Accra Fashion Week runway. See more of her mesh beauty below.