fG Futcha 2017: Young Designers

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Ama Afaribea Obese

Afaribea is a fashion and lifestyle blog and shop owned by Ama Afaribea Obese, a young afro centric Ghanaian Blogger and upcoming designer. It has been around only for over a year yet has caught the attention and admiration of real fashion lovers both home and abroad. It started as a fashion lover’s attempt to share her style with the world and grew in scope as people bought into the idea. Afaribea has been leading a campaign for a light tweed woven smock top called “koowa” for some time now.  It is further stretching the limits of this campaign that the brand id participating in the AFWK 2017.



Innocent Gbeho Sosu

Figsfashion is a manufacturer of clothing line targeted at male and female from young adults to the aged. The company objectives is to work in a creative environment were talent, imaginations and all round sense of fashion design coupled with “hand-on” made -to order, sales and management experience can be applied to foster product development.
We expertise in fabric sourcing and selection, colour story creation, ladies and men’s wear, cost management, production efficiency, and pattern work


Sady Wear House

Sadika Boateng

Sady Wear House is a fashion house set up with the intended purpose of making fashionable apparel that is of good quality, available and affordable to our clients at the right price and right time.
The company was incorporated in Ghana on 2 nd November,2011 and commenced business on 1st April 2016.


To make garments available to our clients using indigenous fabrics while ensuring client safety,
comfort and style for the benefit of humankind.

To become the preferred fashion house for safe, stylish and comfortable apparel for this
generation and generations yet unborn in the world of fashion.
Our core values are fellowship, honesty and integrity.

Ida Awuni

Ida Awuni

Ida Awuni is a tertiary graduate in accountancy who developed her childhood interest in fashion into a business under the brand name IDA.
As a child Ida would sketch clothes as a way of experimenting with her own ideas of how popular styles ought to look. She developed a strong sense of her own style overtime, and continued to apply this style sense to popular fashion trends throughout her teens and into adulthood.
She started IDA ARTISANS in 2016 when she began wearing her own SMOCK FABRIC designs popularly known as FUGU, and found a thriving demand for it among her friends.
“I was inspired to use fashion to project my culture and people, and to add a different touch and style to the smock fabric designs, popularly knows as Fugu or Batakari”, she says. Her style projects the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the people of the Upper East Region of Ghana, where she hails from and their values: courage, hardwork and ambition. The distinct visual style of Ida’s creations are made from luxury Artisan produced materials, using age-old traditional methods of production. Among her chief influences she says, “my work is influenced by the rich colour and aesthetic of the people of Northern Ghana and in later years, fashion houses like Nallem and Christie Brown”.
In the next five years, Ida hopes to build Ida Artisans into an internationally recognised brand, that is popular on international fashion runways and is featured on the covers of fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour.

Capi Bee

Captoria Afia Mansah Boamah

I have had a passion for fashion and design as long as I can remember. I studied apparel product development at Iowa State University. I am passionate about creating a fusion between African and Western styles using eco friendly textiles, that are both luxurious and innovative.



An Ivorian accessory and clothing brand founded by Nadege Konan specialized in various forms of accessories from clothing additions to belts, bag, kimono. beach hat in loincloth.

Noofa is also a producer of beaded accessories. She has made a strong name for her brand and getting ready to present a fabulous Summer Harmattan collection.

Kiburi Shauku

Khalilah Lavine

Khalilah Lavine, also known as Khalilah Kay hail from New Iberia, La. She’s the CEO of Kiburi Shauku. She’s a small town girl with big dreams to become an international success story for her small town.

Khalilah attended International Academy of Design and Technology-Tampa where she acquired an Associate of Science in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2010. Prior to attending fashion school she learned how to sew and make patterns from her grandmother’s at 10 years old. Since graduating she’s been assistant to the designer for RF Textiles and Imperial Design Group.

Khalilah’s a fashionista, visionary, and artist. Fashion is her passion and her love for fashion exudes when she talk about all things fashion. With both her education and experience to her African inspired modern designs; her design esthetics are a wide variety. She possesses an ever-evolving design esthetic that includes influences from many decades, authentic African fabrics and the uniqueness of her fashionista personality. Khalilah love using authentic African wax fabric for her collections that she’s showing on the runways. She’s a different type of designer. New age modern with a twist of Africa is what Khalilah like to call it.

Khalilah focus on plus size/curvy clothing, but can design for women, men, and children of all sizes. She also design custom clothes from formal wear to urban wear. She’s going to be the breakout designer to do something new with fashion that no American designer have ever done or thought of. Khalilah is Fashion! She is “Khalilah Kay the Fashion Designer”


Mr Michael Mbonu

MISH MEGA is a fast growing privileged fashion brand that aims to satisfy the taste and style of ‘the modern man who seeks a true taste of Africa’s richness in clothing’. She was founded by Mr Michael Mbonu in the year 2005. He developed his passion for design and cloth making after understudying and retailing his dad’s fabrics pub business.

He grew from making wears for himself and friends until he lodged into the fashion world in full scale. MISH MEGA today provides both male and female contemporary apparel to suit customers desires in wholesales and retails; offering values of quality, affordability and uniqueness. She is truly a company to reckon with when you think of globalizing African fashion styles.

Dapper Afrique

Deborah Dzathor

Dapper Afrique is a Ghanaian based fashion brand that aims to satisfy the style needs of the individuals who are looking for bespoke Afrocentric ties and accessories that will complement thier outfits.

At Dapper Afrique, our objective is to fuse the contemporary with African culture in our custom made ties and accessories.

Our Mission is to see more people dressing stylishly whilst embracing a rich African heritage. We pride ourselves in creating authentic African pieces, therefore, we source a majority of raw materials from Africa thereby generating revenue for the Ghanaian economy and creating jobs for the artisans in the informal sector.

We empower women who have never had the opportunity to get a formal education and a regular income to earn a living and to cater for themselves and their families.

Dejack Clothing

Deborah Achampong

Mass Production is truly our business.​

DEJACK Co. LTD. is a garment manufacturing company specialising in mass production, fashion designing, range planning, CAD illustrations, cut stitching and T-Shirt printing.

Quality is one thing DEJACK prides itself in from the start to its finish and thus keeps a happy face on all its clientele.


Bella House Of Fab

Annabel Francis

Bella House Of Fab began as a fashion blogger before it developed into a clothing line in 2015 for Female designs and her male designs finally came into reality in 2017, with ready to wear, which she sells on the retail stores and online, though, she has always enjoyed sketching which has been her talent at an early stage of 14 to the very delicate end details. Her second ever worn collections was done by herself and two of her friends to a fashion show that got her a live interview by various Nigerian television.

BHF focuses mainly on ready-to-wear dresses for women and men of all sizes and shapes. She has an image of high fashion and quality, yet affordable with a spin on fashion. BHF collections are very dynamic and dramatic with the use of Lace, Sheath dress (regular and small), silk, satin, chiffons, crepe,spandex, organza, tulle, leather, ankara, S Jesey, lacoste, denimseersucker, cotton lawn, rayon, linen, chambray, flannel. which helps bring out the classic cuts and haute detailing yet, trending in romantic and sophisticated dresses and men’s wears.

BHF ensembles do not hold back on the colour swatch and which are made from the finest fabric that allows for easy fittings and which has flattering cuts for an ideal Red Carpet dresses, everyday dress or evening dress with a luxurious fitting it has on any woman regardless of sizes and shapes.

BHF aims at designing dresses that will look good on any figure no matter what shape you are, BHF wants to celebrate a woman’s and men inner strength to inspire them and make them feel confident and beautiful.

Creativity, innovation excellent craftsmanship is our watchword. BHF do not discriminate about sizes, we design dress to accentuate on a woman’s positives, whether you are a size 0 or a size 3x. BHF tries to give value for her mechanised so, she does not want to sell unnecessarily expensive dresses. She wants to design for real woman and men who can afford her dresses and shirt , because the prices will definitely suit any class of individual. Her stylish ability has earned her quite a lot.

She has also showcased some of her designs on a number of fashion shows in Nigeria, her male designs which began this year has not gone on runway but will in the upcoming Accra fashion and design week , she is looking forward to showcasing more of her designs on international fashion runways as well as African at large.

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