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  • CEO: Adolf Moh

    Show Room, MOH Fashion, Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon




    Moh Adolf,


    Neh Patience,

Cameroon – Moh Designs | Biography

Moh Adolf Mbah is a divine inspirational designer ordained by God to change the world through fashion. Moh was born in the anglophone part of Cameroon by Mr. Moh Napen Simon and Mrs. Moh Mary. Moh in his early age was very creative and a wonderful talent in drawing, dancing and acting, but like every other child he then wanted to study and become a business manager.

Because of this, he went to the University of Buea in Cameroon. When in the University, he started his modeling career, and when he left school, he took his modeling career seriously and he became a professional model in his country, whilst also being an actor and a presenter.

Then to crown it all, God revealed to him his core talent which is designing and he told him to go in to the world and transform lifes through fashion. He has had a lot of achievements in his fashion career. He has graced the platforms of the biggest fashion events in Cameroon which his brand was well recognized: Annual Show, Africcollection Fashion Week and a host of many others.

He has also costumed in many movies like University Girls, Pink poison, Network and many others. Adolf Moh is now the personal designer to most renounced Men of God in his country. Moh, by the grace of God has trained many models, actors, fashion designers through his Agency called " Vineyard Models Entertainment ", whom some are making names in the Cameroon entertainment industry.
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