Mikoko Deluxe Teases Audience With New Collection at PayPecker Accra Fashion Week


Mikoko Deluxe is already staking a claim as Ghana’s most eclectic swimwear brand. It has set itself apart from regular brands by bringing authentic creative pieces satisfying the basic needs of style and comfort for all sizes and shapes of women.

Mikoko is a resort and luxury fashion brand founded in 2017 by Millicent Tamakloe who worked as a former brand manager for various designers in Ghana.

Millicent decided to explore the world of fashion and bring her own creative designs to the forefront of the industry after gaining sufficient experience.

Mikoko Deluxe is fully dedicated to women’s comfort, boasting a team of creative directors that ensure that all current resort vogues are infused in the brand.

The fashion label works with colours artistically to reflect its tropical brand for its clients all whilst ensuring quality. Mikoko also dwells on sustainable and durable fabrics for use to ensure the longevity of its designs.

Working with various organizations, Mikoko Deluxe aims to be one of Ghana’s most prominent brands in the years to come.

Watch Mikoko on PayPecker at Accra Fashion Week 2021 runway show below: