Grace Naa-Ayorkor Quaye who won the first ever Face Of Accra Fashion Week reveals the stuggle and how her determination push her through to the final in an exclusive interview below;
How was it like getting into modelling?
Well for me, i wouldnt say it was very difficult going into modelling even though before I was discovered by Nana Tamakloe I was finding it difficult as to how to get an agency to sign up with.
When did u discover you could model?
I think I discovered I could model at age 12 when I used to dress up in my mum’s clothes and shoes and pretended I was on the runway, I really loved it.That was wen I decided I would want to be a model wen I grow up.
What motivated you to do it?
Actually I had quite a number of motivations. My first motivation was God then Naomi Campbell in the sense that I could be who ever I wanted to be only if I worked hard and was determined. And finally my family,they motivated me by supporting me in diverse ways.
How did you know about Face Of Accra Fashion Week?
My manager actually told me about the competition(Face of Accra Fashion Week). Initially I was reluctant but he later encouraged me to try it out and I did.
Why did you decide to Apply?
I decided to apply for the competition because I thought it was a great platform to exhibit my childhood dream and at the same time expose me to opportunities in the modelling industry.
How was your training like and your relationship with other models?
Well , training in general was great even though it wasn’t always fun. I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with other good models from different agencies .I learnt alot with and from them and i made some friends too.
Was the competition tight for you, did you expect to win?
The competition was really tough with respect to the fact that I was competing with equally great models from and outside Ghana and I really wasn’t expecting to win since I was all about the exposure.

Face of AFWk Final
How was it like making it to the top 5 and how did you feel when you were pronounced winner?
I was soo surprised when my name was the first to be mentioned as one of the top 5 finalist because I never expected to be called not alone think of being first .At that point I knew with a bit of effort I could win.But in all, the feeling was great infact it was indescribable.
How has the journey been so far after the competition, what benefit and advantages have come with it?
Well, life has been a bit different from normal after the competition. Ive had countless opportunities in and outside Ghana and have had the opportunity to meet and mingle with a few personalities who have made it big in the fashion industry.I have also had a couple of interviews and photoshoots here and there.
What are your future plans?
Being a student presently,trying to marry education with modelling, I have made plans to pursue modelling stepwise to progressively become a full time model is the future.
Thank you.

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