New York based internationally renowned Jamaican-born fashion designer, Glenroy March has been sensational all year round in 2021. He has taken the 2021 shine with him into 2022.

Being an avid frequenter of Ghana, March returned to the beautiful country last December to participate in Ghana’s biggest and most popular fashion show, Accra Fashion Week where he assembled one of the best ensembles on the runway.

However, after his showcase at the 2021 Accra Fashion Week, D’Marsh has not held back on hard work. He entered the new year with a rocket runway performance at new York Fashion Week in January.

To add up, D’Marsh has shot new look book and campaigns.

He has also held a D’Marsh Couture Presentation during the New York Fashion Week where he presented some of the pieces from past collections.

D’Marsh has showcased his products in a number of countries aside Ghana, and is being sought after internationally for presentations and workshops, sharing his experience as an independent designer who has expanded his brand digitally in fiercely competitive industry.

He is a wealth of knowledge given his over 15 years’ experience as a designer and entrepreneur who has built a solid brand through the creation of a robust e-commerce platform which ensures distribution throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa.