For decades, African arts, craft and culture has influence luxury and fashion around the world. Today, Africa culture is not only inspiring the couture and luxury world, but now also casual and high street fashion creating mass business for production and retailing, and it’s just beginning.

Nevertheless, being a fashion buyer in Africa is not as easy as we all wish. Finding fashion labels that secure their branding and imagery, finding brands that create their master pieces carefully with seasonal trends and fashion, finding cloths and accessories produced with the right taste of quality, and finding the shows where one can witness this fashion on the runway is almost all so impossible.

Due to intriguing efforts, it seems that hardship will come to an end this year. In October, your number one location to be on this earth is none other than Africa’s most hospitable country, Ghana. And the ceremony to accommodate your fashion buying desire is as guessed, Accra Fashion Week 2016.

Accra Fashion Week 2016 will not only be your window to great talent and fashion from the highly rated tourist friendly country Ghana, but also many successful trendsetting African fashion designers travelling from near and far to showcase their talents here in Ghana.

No more uncertainty about production, quality nor trade difficulties. Come experience unseen trands, patterns and styles. Witness and get to feel undiscovered hand made fabrics and textiles. With a host of jewelry exhibitors and more. Buyers will also be treated to amazing networking and fashion business opportunities. Discover more and the importance of your role in Ghana this October. Simply visit and register your details to be part of this fashion extravaganza.


Picture Credit: Meredith Blank (left) and Emily Titelman of downtown store Dagny + Barstow