Accra Fashion Week Chilly Rainy 2020 will commence from the 25th-30th of March 2020 in four different locations to be announced from mid January. A confirmed set of designers are set to exhibit from over 8 countries to date and more in the near future. Registration for designers and exhibitors are now opened and will close by mid january.

The theme of the event is title ‘Africa International’ as the aesthetic is to create a forward balance and grooming of our participants on how to strike a balance between marketing towards the Ghanaian market all whilst achieving a global international appeal ready to set long lasting and uniformed trends.

The event is set to be our biggest yet with essential industrial participants from across the globe, including speakers, designers, buyers and more. Our team (behind Accra Fashion Week) will be taking a more intimate approach with our followers and readers and bringing more updates to the website where we will interact with yourselves presenting a host of runway trends and products in which you will be able to see on the runway and buy directly from here depending on our relationship with the designers.

The objective is to build an online fashion community with the hopes of developing into a mini industry. All of which we will start and begin working on prior to the show. With that said we would kindly ask you to start by subscribing to our mailing list if you haven’t as well as clicking on the bell below and get ready for a fantastic fashion experience ahead of March 2020.