Celebrating Ghana At 60 And What It Means To Ghana And Africa’s World Of Fashion


This year Accra Fashion Week is taking this opportunity to celebrate 60 years of independence and hopefully center it as Ghana’s biggest international celebration of this beautiful moment and here is our ethos.

As far as setting the path for the fight of independence, Ghana took the first step upon welcoming our neighbors into a new Africa. Our achievements unfolded much success, however our world of fashion is still yet to be freed from the various struggles it faces today.

It is fair enough to say, after reviewing various designers and designs around Africa, Ghanaian fashion has expressed some of the most creative styles and designs to the point of influencing the world. Yet we are hardly benefiting as there are no structures put in place for success.

Accra Fashion Week was created not simply to be another show, but 1/ to give a platform to various talents in Ghana 2/ change the fashion trends of the day to day Ghanaian, and 3/ to be heavily focused on bringing business structures to our industry. Currently, Ghana is experiencing a very fragmented world of fashion, and playing a role and extension of foreign fashion industries.

It is silly to believe any one individual, organization or event can be fully responsible for a nation wide change, however our aim is to play a role in it or ignite it. We have so much fashion business executed in Ghana, The moment you see a whole town of fully clothed men, women and children there is definitely business going on. The question is how to turn this into the clothes we produce, and this starts with our designers, their branding, and the boutiques. This is a necessary step needed to be executed prior to developing the buyers culture we all wish for and see in the West.

We believe if Ghana is able to execute this within our own nation, we could easily become the Mecca of African fashion, just as we have done paving the way for independence. Accra Fashion Week is working on various activities to ensure our colleagues in the fashion industry are playing the role to make this change, not vaguely, but with core plans and daily strategies we are currently executing to tie all together at Accra Fashion Week 2017.

This is our main objective, all whilst showing to the mass public great trends and styles of great mass appeal. Wee hop you will be a part of this, and Happy Independence Ghana, happy independence Africa!!!

Below are a few designers already set for the runway in 2017