Accra Fashion Week Set To Take Place Twice A Year In 2018


Ghana’s premier fashion event is ready to square with western fashion weeks by executing seasonal fashion shows twice a year. This is the first in Sub Sahara Africa for a fashion week to be executed twice a year, unless one is counting SA Fashion Week and SA Menswear Week.

As it goes, the two Accra Fashion Weeks will be distinguished by the seasons. The upcoming Accra Fashion Week set to occur on 3-8th October 2017 will be dubbed Spring/Harmattan 2017 where collections presented will be open for the season ahead. The follow up event will be executed in Late March and dubbed the Chilly/Rainy 2018 which will see our fashion designers create clothes for the rainy season following.

Organizers stated “It is not so much an issues about how many collections the designers can create, African designers usually participate in 2 or 3 or more fashion shows a year, so they do have the capacity to produce irregardless of how great business is in the country, the most essential aspect to this is the consistency of branding obtained from being on the runway whilst setting trends for the seasons in our nation”

Accra Fashion Week was launched in 2017 and made history in Africa by compiling the largest amount of foreign designers to showcase in a country for a single event. This October, over 30 designers are set to hit the runway from over 15 countries. For more information visit