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These Model Casting details apply to Accra Fashion Week Summer Harmattan 2022: Taking place from the 10th-12th Of December 2021. If this event has passed, the details below do not apply!

DATE: 9th December 2022
LOCATION: Blohum Street, Dzorwulu Cres, Accra, Ghana
12am For Male Models
2pm For Female Models

We are strictly looking for models of:
Height: 5ft8 – 6ft
UK Dress size: 6, 6-8, 8, 8-10 & 10
Please View a size guide below.


    • All models must either arrive in or bring along tight fitting vests (Black or white), (hip high) shorts and high heels which they would be casted in. Models without high heels will not be casted, kitten heels and platform shoes will be dismissed and models must be prepared to remove their shoes to have their heights taken.
    • Models must arrive with their natural hair, no hair, or be able to have their hair tied back.
    • Models must not have any make up on.

We are strictly looking for models of:
Height: 5ft10 – 6ft2
Slim build: Chest: 32-40inches, waist: 30-36inchesClothing

  • All models must either arrive in or bring along tight fitting vests (Black or white) and (above knee) shorts which they would be casted in.PLEASE ALSO BRING ALONG
  • Model Cards (If you have/Not Necessary)
  • Previous Runway Images On Phone (If you have/Not Necessary)

If you are not based in Ghana and you have applied as a model you will need to do the following.
Send to email to The email must be sent from your agency if you have one and must and include the following.

  • 1/ Subject line stating ‘FOREIGN MODEL APPLICATION’
  • 2/ Statistics/Measurements
    Female: Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Dress Size, Shoe Size
    Male: Height Chest, Waist, Shirt Size, Shoe Size
  • 3/ Portfolio (This should include photography work, runway pictures & Polaroid style images of yourself)
  • 4/ Post a video of your runway walk on instagram hash tag ‘#AFWkModel #AFWk #AccraFashionWeek @AccraFashionWeek’
  • Proof of travel experience. ie If you are based in Kenya, we would need to see proof that you have traveled to a country outside of your own as in your adult years. This could be by images or other.Please note AFWk ltd will not cover travel or accommodation expenses on behalf of any model travelling to participate in Accra Fashion Week and that all models will be paid the same rate as the Ghanaian based models.However, Accra Fashion Week will assist and find very cost effective deals regarding accommodation, food and transport for foreign models. Also models must be 18 and over.Email from foreign models must be sent one week ahead of the casting and must ensure all statistics are exactly correct. Models who falsify details, or send images that does not represent their current look risk the chances of being denied participation on arrival in Ghana.Foreign models will be selected a week after the casting, however your participation will only be certified 1 month before the event once proven availability and capability to travel and be present in Accra during the fashion week dates. All EMAILS SHOULD BE SENT WITHIN 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE CASTING DATE
  • All participating models will be 250GHS per day.
  • No other payments will be provided.
  • All models will be paid no later than two weeks after the fashion week
    If any payment delay persist, foreign models will be paid a week after, and local models three weeks – month after.
  • All models will be paid directly automatically, if agents will prefer to be paid on behalf of their model, they would need to make this clear prior to the show. If models wish not to be paid via their agency irregardless of any such communication, please make it clear you are with not with an agency.

Models must be available from mid day (1pm) to evening (11pm) on show days.
Models will be rotated amongst the designers which they would model for.
Models will be provided water and 1 meal a day on behalf of AFWk ltd
Models must be prepared to wear their hair natural if requested. In other words remove any weave or extensions they may be wearing.
Models must have their own pair of black high heels. Full covered, Open toe and strap heels are welcomed. Ankle high boots aren’t.
Models are permitted to bring their own foundation.

If selected after castings, models will be assisted by our staff in any uncertainties they may have regarding their participation.
Models must ensure any doubts they have about participating are cleared up and our staff will be open to discuss all concerning issues with the selected models.

Any model that engages in any verbal or physical dispute with any staff, designer or other model will be removed without pay.
Any model who attempts to sneak their colleagues backstage or onto the runway will be removed without pay.
Any model that is scheduled for any days and attempts to excuse herself from that day prior to her scheduling will be removed without pay even if she has participated in another day.
Any model who chooses to speak wrongly about the event publicly will be removed without pay.
Any model who makes no attempt to share or acknowledge the event before the final day on their social media could be removed without pay.