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Welcome To Our Fundraiser page, where you help us help you to be a part of a fashion game changer in Africa. We have set foot and a mission we are passionate about. Accra Fashion Week is more than a series of fashion shows, but an event that is set to change a reality that might be hard to imagine exists in the first place in Ghana.

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It is such a blessing that today the international community takes pride in aligning itself with Africa especially with the music and fashion.

Nothing feels better than to see foreigners proudly were African fashion and highlight it daily to the point the hashtag #AfricanFashion is trending. But African people, especially in Ghana, are benefiting the least from this said culture. And through this emerges Accra Fashion Week.

As FashionGHANA.com we have watched, supported, filmed, been a part of, and attended fashion shows around the continent of Africa. It is beautiful to see the developments we have made since the early days of small fashion shows in small halls. All these efforts are admired, however it is time to push the bar further from where we have reached.

Today despite the glitz and glamour and the immense trending of “African Fashion” the truth is most of what we see provides not so much economic benefit, or not as much as it possibly could to the nation it is aligned with. The illusion of African fashion beholds the African prints we so strongly admire. But this is a market dominated by China and Holland. Accra is simply the popular location that hosts the prints which are imported from the two countries. A fact that become a reality as we once proudly produced the prints in our own factories.

Despite over 100 tonnes of African prints being imported from China to Ghana, now over 10,000s of Ghanaians are jobless in the clothing sector due to the closing of our print companies. And the few batik (african print fabrics) struggle to survive due to competition prices from China.

If you think it ends there with the struggle of African fashion, you should be enlightened to know only about 3 boutiques across the whole country stock clothes by our designers. So we have a major disconnect from the batiks to the designers, and from the designers to the boutiques. Hence why this edition of Accra Fashion Week would be dubbed ‘From The Batik To The Boutique’. This slogan embodies and captures the two disenfranchised and most important elements of our fashion industry, the use of our own batiks and the nature of products in our boutiques.

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The problems faced is not an easy one to get ahead of. The reason why Batik manufacturers can not develop is because they can not out price the fabrics from China, and the reason why they can’t do this is because they do not make enough sales to balance the production costs.

A very similar reality to why our designers are not stocked in our boutiques. They also can not out price the clothes from the foreign markets, and the reason why is they do not produce that many amount and if they did they might not have the clientele.

The only way to over turn this reality is to hold a central event, such as Accra Fashion Week, where designers will be encouraged to use their local made batiks, and boutique managers would be encouraged to buy clothes from the designers they see on the runway. If this process amounts to much sales, the designers would be able to attend productions houses and produce in larger amounts for their clients, and considering they are using the batiks, they could now buy the batiks in larger numbers which will also help the batik producers out price their China competitors.

In all cases, we can not restrict the talents on what they should and should not use, however, we can encourage them by deals, and promotional offers.

With this initiative, Accra Fashion Week can elevate the current compelling situation for fashion employment in Africa and inspire many events to work this way.[/su_spoiler]

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FashionGHANA.com being the central voice and most popular media for African fashion intends to ignite a formula of fashion buying in Africa via Accra Fashion Week by ensuring the presence of fashion buyers and local boutiques who will pay down a deposit for purchase ahead of their attendance. Assuring them they will be displaying products solely made for international buying purposes.

We are currently partnering with local production houses and Ghanaian textile producers. Designers will be pardoned of certain costs or given offers for our fashion week if they chose to use fabrics from the local tailors. Local fabric companies will also be given advantages to showcase, host or sponsor shows within our fashion weeks free or at very low rates compared to others. Ensuring designer are made to do use local textiles it will encourage batikers and more artisans as well as create employment in this sector.[/su_spoiler]

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Raising $30,000 will help us require the minimum amount needed where some expenses will need to be cut down via gifted sponsors.

Raising $60,000 is the ideal goal. This will ensure we have enough funds to execute the event irregardless of financial sponsors.

Raising $90,000 will not only allow us to implement a successful first event, it will also help us ensure the staff members who work tirelessly to make it happen are rewarded for their months of stress to come, and also help us fully integrate locally made batiks by pre purchasing their fabrics for the various local designers whom at times are subdued by the Chinese imports due to cheaper costs.[/su_spoiler]

Every donation counts. Please see our donation compliments below. All made by local craftsmen, tailors and sim-stresses.

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For every donation we will be capable of given you these rewards. You can chose any of which you like if budgeted in your donations or none. Remember we are aiming high so do donate as much as you can irregardless of the gift you seek.

10 thankyou

25 necklace

30 bracelets

35 choker

60 backpack

100 belt

120 manhatcape

130 shirt

160 croptopshorts

180 sneakers

220 travellers bag

250 bag

350 shoes

400 kimono

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Would you like to help us change this? If so please kindly donate generously and share it amongst your social media and friend, you will also receive one or more of these fabolous goods in the pictures below.

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Visit http://www.paypal.com and donate to info@confidencemodels.com. Please mark as ‘Donation’ in the notes.


Email: contactafwk@gmail.com


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RAISED SO FAR: $5530 ($5170 of gifts) / 22,000cedis
Target: $10,000

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Angelina Henderson

Bogolan Print Shoes $350 (Get It Here)
Precious Asamoah
Andrew Hagen
Shanon Fry

Bogolan Fringe Bag $250 (Get It Here)
Nseabasi Athena
Ariel Shelton
Ashley Rice
Marta Foy

Bogolan Travelers Bag $220 (Get It Here)
Karl Dessy
Mark Crawford

Mixed Print Sneakers $180 (Get It Here)
Fred Bank
Edward Tamakloe
Marquita Elmore
Frederick Hammond

Tye & Dye Crop Top And Shorts $160 (Get It Here)
Pamina Ola
Sami Lockette

Cowry Shell Belt $100 (Get It Here)
Francis Tetteh
Raymond Spencer
Madeline Hobbs

Bogolan Print Back Pack $60 (Get It Here)
Edward The G
Tatania Ellis
Jonathan Turner
Terry Smith
Kendra Mares

Cowry Shell Choker $35 (Get It Here)
Ajahri Daka
Kofi Nyami Afriye

African Bracelets $25 (Get It Here)
Elizabeth Weah