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On behalf of the whole Accra Fashion Week staff, we would like to welcome you to the designer section of Accra Fashion Week. If you are capable of viewing this information, congratulations! It means you are eligible to showcase at Accra Fashion Week. Never the less we would like to take this opportunity to fully enlighten you about how Accra Fashion Week can further your career in the global world of fashion.


With Accra Fashion Week you will now have the opportunity to save yourself the extreme expense of putting together a fashion show on your own and own a platform to exhibit your clothes with a very affordable amount as you have paid. All whilst showcasing to a great international audience of buyers and boutique owners, pulled together by various efforts from around the world. For the first time ever, Accra, Ghana and Sub Sahara Africa will have the opportunity to experience a fashion week that is heavily and primarily based on a consumer – designer relationship, with advanced buyer payments guaranteeing designer sales.


The staff behind Accra Fashion Week comprises of experts in both fashion in Ghana as well as abroad. With a team of marketing managers from textile manufacturers, to festival organizers, to associates of London Fashion Week and more. We have combined our experience to ensure the growing buzz of African fashion and culture doesn’t exclude our creative designers and their brand.

Although we target to hit mainstream fashion markets outside of Africa, Africa itself is a large resource of clientelle for our designers, which is lost everyday to the cheap clothes from foreign markets such as China and India, as well as the second hand market. These clothes are bought in 100,000s and to some cases billions. Accra Fashion Week has created a hub of our various retailers of which we continuously enlighten and educate them upon the importance of buying from our local talents, with the aim of making Accra Fashion Week the focal event where the tables turn.

Next to the local store and boutique owners, we are consistently working on bringing various buyers from abroad, as well as chain store owners to participate in buying at Accra Fashion Week. Buyers who attend Accra Fashion Week will be enlightened to pay a buyers deposit in advance before attending shows. Our existence was actually suggested by two main chain stores that felt there was no grounds for buyers in Africa. Accra Fashion Week is specifically created to cater for the designer-buyer relationship Africa has longed for. Rest assure your experience at Accra Fashion Week will be a fruitful one.

With the said information, we give all deisgners the freedom to query other fashion events on their plans, actions and initiatives towards buyers. This is where our event becomes essential to the growth of the showcasing brands.


Accra Fashion Week will hold in October, over a four day period in line with the international fashion week schedule allowing Ghana to fall in place with the main S/S fashion weeks of the fashion capitals. This exciting extravaganza will hold at the Tradefair center in the space of three venues known as Pavilion A, Pavilion B and Pavilion C. All venues will hold different attributes ready cater to your preference with different price listing ensuring our show are affordable to all those with talent.

Accra Fashion Week is set to be the first fashion week that aims to be buyer-designer focused. Our primary target for guests will be to accumulate as many fashion buyers as possible from around the world, all whist targeting boutique owners both local and and foreign as our prime audience.


At Accra Fashion Week, you will not showcase as one designer amongst 15-20 designer on one runway. Each designer will be provided their own 1hr-1hr15min space of which the audience will enter and leave after the show is done. You will be allowed to showcase whatever you wish. Yes, you can showcase whatever you wish within that particular hour/slot. Each time slot will give designer/s the opportunity to either 1/ Showcase by themselves, 2/ With another designer, or 3/ With 2 other designers making it 3 at a time (maximum). See Packages.


Accra Fashion Week will take place at the Trade Fair Ghana. With the booking of all 3 Pavilions, shows will be executed through out the week from 11am-10pm over the space of 4 days. Each Pavilion having the space of 67m x 36m.

Trade Fair Map
tradefair map

Pavilion A
pavilion a

Pavilion B
pavilion b

After booking you will be allocated a time of which you will be able to showcase your clothes. With this you will be given full control of what you show, how you show and who can watch your show. But you do not need to worry, each designer will be appointed a show producer who will work with you to ensure all your needs are met, to ensure all the additional items you wish to have at your show are available.


All designers will be provided with the following….

  • Runway and seating set up
  • Backstage with Make Up Artists
  • Lighting and Sound Equipment
  • 10 Models
  • Runway Photography
  • Rails
  • 5 Backstage Helpers
  • Ticketers
  • Security

    For the first time ever you literally orchestrating your own fashion show from only $350. A price that will not even be enough to cover the cost of models if one were to orchestrate it outside of our package. More importantly, designer will have the flexibility to create their own type of show by either booking more models, inviting celebrity guests, booking talents at their show, inviting their own guest.


    Within your 1hour set, you will be able to seek any look you desire. Models will be able to be made up in anyway as far as hair and make up is concerned. However, our make up artists and hair stylists will arrive with the basics. Foundation, lipstick, eye liners etc. For face paint, wigs, helmets, or any unique facial decorations, that can be done at the expense of the designer which will need to be discussed with the show producer allocated to yourselves.

    Designers are allowed to have various style settings when it comes to their runway show, even performances if they wish. However, as long as it is inline with the advice from our show producers and will not bring any faults to our media and camera man team.

    Designers will have access to 10 designers each. However this is not a limitation, designers are permitted to book more models if they wish from our EXTRA pool of models, however the pool of models will still be provided by Accra Fashion Week.


    Organisers behind Accra Fashion Week fully understand our fashion industry is still a growing one and that needs extra effort to create a core fan base. Accra Fashion Week can ensure you that once you have registered and confirmed your booking, you look book and details will be sent out to our mailing list of fashion followers around the world would would be encouraged to attend your show. Also, in the compound there will be stands, exhibitors, meet and greet sections, food and light entertainment to ensure that the Trade Fair in consistently full and enough to keep the visitors hanging around. Whom can at anytime attend your show if you open up to them. Designers will have full rights to have their show ticketed, guest listed or free..


    Besides all the blessings we intend to gift our showcasing designers with, you can also capture this opportunity to seek sponsors for your own show. By having you own slot, this allows designer to create their own fliers, their own look books to be handed out at the show, and their own e-fliers. All of which are marketing opportunities for potential sponsors.


    Each booking will apply to slots already scheduled across the festival period as shown below. Accra Fashion Week will allocate designers to time slot appropriately based upon location, type of designs & more however early bookers will be given more room to select. Therefore designers who book first will be queried first as to their preference and given more option to chose which time slot they would prefer their show to hold in.


    This is not a problem! Accra Fashion Week will be able to take on the search for a designer who clothes are similar to that of yours. Some might not like the idea that a designer in a similar category might invade their sales. However all designers will need to know buyers are very intolerant to what they don’t want. And most might not attend a show if they are forced to watch something that’s not in their interest. Therefore it is always best to pare with creatives that are in the same field as you, which might even help magnet your audience or prospects for your future career.


    As we stated before you ability to see this segment of the website means you are eligible to showcase at Accra Fashion Week. However, we place trust in you to ensure you work toward the following after the show.

    1/ Work to produce a collection that would either be released within the month of the Fashion Week or set to be released afterwards and not before. Buyers are very unlikely to be satisfied watching items that are already in the market.

    2/ All designers will be obliged to provide images and a full list of all items they intend to showcase at Accra Fashion Week 2017 with decent photography to some extent. This should be sent to us at Accra Fashion Week and also include bulk order prices for interested buyers and boutique owners. The items would be emailed to accredited buyers a few weeks prior to the show in order to encourage them to decide which show would be of interest to them. The information would be made available to new visiting buyers after the show.

    3/ Ensure your brand is fully accessible. After confirmation, designers will be profiled on the website no longer than two weeks after applications, given visitors full access to all their social media and website platforms, as well can direct contacts and communication.

    4/ Designer registration will close on 10th August and our show schedule will be produced by 25th August and sent to the press. First registrars will receive benefits such as headlining features. Press acknowledgment, possible participation in campaign shoots, buyer recommendations as well as the ability to chose their preferred venue and slots.

    5/ Designers must ensure they bring along a their head stylist/s whom will be accompanied by 5 helpers provided by Accra Fashion Week.

    6/ Designers are also advised, if within their budget, to produce Look Books that can be handed out their their guests. Or at least fliers with details of their work and contact information. Goodie bags would are also recommended.

    Package prices may differ for foreign designers especially outside of West Africa. Do contact us for more information.
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    In order to provide the best presentation to both domestic and international buyers, Accra Fashion Week would be providing some of the best professional models (local and international) to exhibit your clothes on the runway. Each designer will be provided 10 free models from our MAIN SET of models (both local and international) to the designers at their disposal paid for by Accra Fashion Week.

    There will also be an extra pool of models from our EXTRA SET of which designers can cast and chose from if they need to use more than the 10 already provided. The models within the EXTRA SET would also selected by Accra Fashion Week but will be paid for at the designers own expense. Designers can chose any amount of models they need from the set and are capable of paying models from the EXTRA SET any amount they are comfortable with as long as the model from the EXTRA SET approves. Models have the right to approve or disapprove the offer like any normal casting, so do ensure you have a satisfactory budget if you wish to include more models at your show.

    With the exception of models coming from abroad. Both the models in the MAIN SET and EXTRA SET will be decided by Accra Fashion Week in our initial casting which will take place in early September. If designers will like to see models or ladies they know participate, we encourage them to ensure those ladies attend the castings. And if from abroad they will need to send their z cards. Models who have not been approved in any of the sets should not be seen on the runway.

    Due to having many international designers particpate, we are working in order to ensure designers do not engage in the struggle of fittings as some might have very little time to prepare for their shows from the moment they land. Therefore ALL the selected models will strictly be limited to the heights 5ft9 to 5ft11, and the dress size 6UK to 8UK, models will be no thinner, shorter, larger nor taller. This way you can customize your clothes to the said size prior to their fittings. This will be ranging from bust 31-33, waits 23-26 and hips 32-38. Male models will vary between heights 5ft11-6ft2. This also serves two other benefits. 1/ Given us a steady flow of a particular type of model on the runway. 2/ Allows us to meet the standards of other mainstream fashion weeks of which their associated press will be covering.

    The selected models by Accra Fashion Week will be the final and ONLY models to walk Accra Fashion Week with the exception of designers using child models, plus size models or celebrities. Which can only be casted for by the designers and will need approval by Accra Fashion Week. Designers wishing to include models in their show will need to send them through the appropriate channels which would be the casting by Accra Fashion Week in September. All rejected models or non present at the casting should not end up back stage or will be removed by the show producers. For the betterment of the show and our media coverage around the world, we kindly ask designers to respect this, place their personal and subjective wishes aside and work to appropriate their shows to these guidelines.

    Local/Ghanaian based designers will be responsible for organizing their own castings for more models, however this will still be models in the EXTRA SET. The castings will be at their own given location and must consider convenient times for model attendance. The show producer which you are assigned to should be notified and involved with any and all casting the designer/s wish to hold for their Accra Fashion Week show. We would kindly advise that if there is more than one designer within a slot/set, they should preferably hold their castings together.

    International designers (if needing more models outside of the 10 models) can either select their models via online pictures we send them, or can hold castings upon their arrival. Castings for international designers can be executed either on the 3rd, 4th or the 5th of October. Any designer whom will be arriving on the 5th or afterwards will be limited to booking their EXTRA models via email.

    Designers will need to pay the EXTRA SET ahead of their shows. Or alternatively present their budget to the show producers whom will them pay the models after the show is completed.

    There will be a number of international models available to be booked. Of all 10 models provided, there will be roughly 2-3 known foreign faces. For more faces abroad, All international model cards will be accumulated and made available to designers by email after our initial castings. Their model cards will be sent to designers along side that of the MAIN and EXTRA SET models.

    Accra Fashion Week will confirm all international models that will be in Accra during the festive period. We will do our best to ensure they will be available, but as in all cases there can always be room for error. ie. models missing planes, not responding, change of mind, change of plans, etc. So we will kindly ask designers not to fully depend on any international models they wish to book until they arrive, and always hold local models for reservation in case a replacement is needed.

    Accra Fashion Week will not tolerate any attempt to disrupt this process and infiltrate models not selected in our September casting or international selection. We kindly ask designers to respect the complex of models within this field will be stressful and doing such may confuse model fees, arrangements and order. This process has been extensively analyzed our by staff and other professionals in order to provide a strong competitive based and presentation that can stand the likes of Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion week. And by continuing with your application, you agree to respect and abide by this process.

    Please visit this section later if you are an international designer, where all perks and offers will be made available for designer from abroad. Thanks
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