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Cocomanella (Nigeria)

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  • CEO: Oluwatobi E. John





    Tobi John,


    Uche Nwankpele,

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The Cocomanella brand came into existence in October of 2017, seven months after the creative director finished fashion school in Lagos. It was set up originally to solely be a ready- to- wear brand but as part of perfecting the skill, the brand started with bespoke pieces to the pleasure of its clients. The Accra Fashion week will be a platform for the official launch of the brand’s original vision.

The Creative director of Cocomanella, Oluwatobi John is a management science graduate with over 18 years work experience in various fields from management consultancy, event management, media, content production to fashion. She started earning income from fashion as a senior secondary school student in the late 90s by buying fabrics from the famous Tejuoso market in Lagos, creating designs and giving the tailors in the market to make for her to supply to her customers. Her passion for fashion shined through as well when she was a presenter in a Television house in Lagos, which led to her superiors promoting her to a producer on the fashion desk and to becoming one of the coordinators of the Nigerian Television Fashion Show for which she won an award.

In the ever-competitive world of fashion, Tobi saw a gap that needed to be filled which is selling Nigerian heritage and African influence with a cosmopolitan twist to the world, through best in class designs using organic indigenous fabrics. The brand offers bespoke and made to measure ready-to-wear pieces, fashion accessories and soft furnishing. What started of as a teenager’s hobby is set on the path to becoming a global brand.

The Cocomanella brand is for the woman who is strong, smart and elegant. A woman who is unapologetically feminine not feminist and proudly wears the many caps of a woman.

Oluwatobi John is married with two kids. She loves to read, watch fashion shows, travel and dance.
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