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CEO: Chuks Nacho


Nigeria – Chuks Nacho Biography

Chuks Nacho clothiers has for the last six years had a transformational impact on both formal and casual menswear fashion with a design aesthetic rooted and inspired by traditional classic men tailoring.

Defined by modern international style, finesse, astute detail, and impeccable artistry. Our instinctive combination of colour, cut and fabric fuses well crafted classic tailoring with a high end modern design focus on the refinement of a man's silhouette, this has brought tailoring to a whole new generation of men.

His baptism into the fashion design business started way back during his universities days early 2004 where he designed literally everything he wore which attracted his peers. Some began to buy clothing he wore, and others requested he handled their wardrobes, at which point he was encouraged to go full time into fashion. His sense of fashion and style was influenced largely by the works of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tom ford, Taryor Gabriels, and Mai Atafo, Fashion for him has been a worth while journey. Chuks Nacho to date has handled the wardrobes for some of the leading choirs in Nigeria like: (covenant Christian Centre), as well as dressing gospel acts like stellar award winner Don Moen. However, one of his most important achievements is being able to provide jobs for people which he takes immense pride in.

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