Buyers Info

Welcome to the buyers section of the website. Your presence is the main reason for hosting Accra Fashion Week and we hope to make it a very hospitable one. The money of which you have paid in advance is not money given away but still in your hands as credit for the products that will be showcased at Accra Fashion Week.

For retailers and shop owners in Accra and supporters of fashion, we fully understand that our boutiques are heavily filled with items from China and so forth. Their competitive prices make it hard for our designers to complete and the low level of production hence why Accra Fashion Week aims to be a buyer orientated fashion week.

With your support, Ghanaian designers and creatives are able to produce in mass amounts as long as they are guaranteed their sales which can only exist by buyers, retailers and boutique owners such as yourselves. By making a pledge of any sum of money to the fashion showcased at Accra Fashion Week, you will be guaranteed a number of items you will need to appease to your customers from any designer.

Prior to attending Accra Fashion Week here are a few terms and pointers we would hope you can understand.

Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter is the term for factory-made clothing, sold in finished condition, in standardized sizes, as distinct from made to measure or bespoke clothing tailored to a particular person’s frame. Ready to wear shows are shows put together by designers whose collection are already ready for purchase by individual sales or by boutiques. Their collection could possibly have been released prior to the day or released on the day.

2017/2018/2019 SHOWS
When you see a show with the year ahead, it means you are viewing a show with clothes showcased by the designer that will not be ready for sales until that particular year. In the case of our premier show Accra Fashion Week 2016, when a show is identified as a 2017 Show on the calendar, ie Annesi 2017 Show. It means the collection being showcased will not be released until 2017. Such can entice buyers who wish to stay ahead of the market and mainly sell items that are newly released.

This is the essential question all buyers are concerned about especially with a still growing industry in Africa. The main focus points to consider when looking for designers are…
Your market which is very essential.

When in Africa do consider branding. Branding is very new in Ghanaian fashion. Some designers have focused and worked up to good promotional levels and only a handful have worked up their efforts to great branding. Most times your sales will be guaranteed by designers who are highly focused on great press invites. Those which partake in TV features, magazine editorial, website promotion and so forth.

If you are based outside Africa, there is still a lot of international branding to be achieved by African fashion designers. At which point it might be advisable to make your decision solely on design and craftsmanship.

Buyers will have sole access to a pre and post exhibition featuring some of the work of the best names to be featured at the fashion week. Where they will be given the opportunity to meet and greet the designers as well as discuss purchasing their items.