Ghana – Bri Wireduah

CEO: Bri Wireduah


Ghana – Bri Wireduah Biography

Bri Wireduah is an artist in the pure sense with a passionate about fashion expressed through various hobbies. Formally a pediatric nurse for a good amount of time, she later realized she couldn't contain her creative juice and decided to study fashion to pass away time.

After attending JACCD, Bri picked up so much inspiration and eventually decided to pursue fashion as a career by taking various short courses to study menswear, beading and more. She decided to grow as a designer before launching her brand. In 2012 Bri Wireduah launched her first ever show room in her parents garage, at which point she realized her hobby turn into a career right infront of her eyes.

Her first look book was released last however, by then her brand had already gained momentum in Accra and her name became a known and familiar with those in the industry. Bri and her workers now are currently focused on turning Bri Wireduah into an international brand.

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