CEO: Augustina Ayinemi

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Avonsige (Ghana) | Biography

Fashion to Augustina Ayinemi Avonsige is a form of communication and expression. She believes the clothes we wear should make a memorable statement wherever we go. This is why her brand “Avonsige” introduces high fashion and Avant Garde designs that are unorthodox for the runway. The desire to pursue this type of fashion is due to the fact that her passion for fashion was heavily inspired by an Avant Garde Fashion show she saw as a teenager. Since that day, she wanted to make designs that would be unforgettable enough to attract both local and international interest which would help her exhibit her designs on runaways worldwide.

Currently, she is working on a high fashion wearable collection dominated by the colour white which is her trademark. Her intention is to create trailblazing trends that will not only express the rich African culture and values but also gain recognition and appreciation in the foreign market. Augustina is all about originality, open-mindedness, statement designs and showcasing the African culture in an unorthodox way.

As we all know nothing sells like authenticity so should Augustina focus on her path and stay true to her arts, her dream of being internationally recognized would be a reality.
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