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Aphia Sakyi (Ghana)

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  • CEO: Magdalene Afia Sakyi

    Show Room,
    Used Car Sales point,
    Laboni Junction,
    Accra, Ghana




    Magdalene Afia Sakyi,


    1982 Fashion PR,

Aphia Sakyi (Ghana) | Biography

Magdalene Sakyi is a designer and artisan who has created our beautiful clutch bags under the brand name. Living in Labone, Accra, where she has a built her shop and hosts the AphiaSakyi School of Creative Designs.

She was born in Sunyani in the Brong-Ahafo region but moved to Accra 7-8 years ago to take a Business administration program at Regent university college of science and technology. After the program she went into selling school uniforms (Friday wear). From watching the tailor who supplied her with the uniforms she was selling, she learned how to sew and she started sewing clothing items herself. A friend recommended that she’d take a course at a design school, which she also did to further develop her skills. At the school, Magdalene Sakyi was studying fashion design and a bit of bead making.

She later rented a shop where she was selling her own designs, and she kept expanding her range of products by learning how to make new items. She learned how to make bags, then beads and later moving on to slippers from various other artisans. By working as an apprentice she has kept on advancing her skills and added new areas of expertise to her repertoire.

Previously she was teaching design in a class room, during the weekends in the area of Nima in Accra. A few months back she acquired the work shop in Labone where she now gives her design classes. Magdalene Sakyi is the kind of person who enjoys taking on new challenges and who constantly keeps on moving. Her ambition for the future is to expand the school and to start selling her products on the internet.
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    Used Car Sales point, Laboni Junction, Accra, Ghana
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