Ghana – Afre Anko

CEO: Naa


Ghana – Afre Anko Biography

A dressmaker trained both in Ghana and the UK. With a degree in fashion design and illustration from Lewisham Southwark College. AFRE ANKO is one of the enduring brands in the Ghanaian fashion space. It has been catering for a discerning clientele for over a decade, and focuses on those who understand that “what you wear makes a statement about who you are.”

AFRE ANKO’s signature lies in well made exclusive clothes that are bold and un-apologetically feminine with attention to details. AFRE ANKO’s inimitable style is Afri-Cosmo, and is based on influences as seen through the eyes of the Chief Designer. The creative mind and main driver of AFRE ANKO’s vision is to serve the continent and the international fashion scene and leave an indelible footprint across the world.

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