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About #AFWk

From Design To Enterprise
From Ghana to Africa To The World

With the various fashion weeks across Africa and a growing thirst for African fashion creativity across the world, Accra Fashion Week aims to fill the void which seems tremendous creativity and culture across the continent with the absence of an operating fashion infrastructure.

Accra Fashion Week will be operating to level a platform for African designers that which can be compared to fashion weeks across the major capitals. Ghana has held the flag for most of what many class as African fashion and will act as the main melting pot for Fashion business in Africa.

  • Public
  • Buyers
  • Int.Press
  • Celebrities

Market Focus

Elevating Platform For Fashion Designers

International designers looking to participate will be accommodated and assisted well within schedule

Maximize Sales

Sale is an essential priority, our objectives are to guide designers well within the accurate processes for an international market.


Our PR team is heavily focused on having the right press to ensure any vital person that misses out will have the ability to view your creations.

Establish Clients

Guest and friends of fashion will be able to shop ready to wear items on the day both by designers and exhibitors.

Be Recognised

Designers on the night will be awarded for the great accomplishments. These designers will be granted international offers.

Business Of Fashion

Lectures would be provided to help upcoming creative unlock the true meaning of business in fashion.


We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.


Shared Showcase (3 Designers)


  • Standard Centered Runway with uniform Hair and Make Up
  • 20 mins Showcase Time
  • 15 Items Max
  • 10 models per Designer
  • Ability To Book More
  • Buyers Notified
  • Scheduled by Organizers
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Shared Showcase (2 Designers)


  • Shared Creativity With Other Designer
  • 30 Minutes Showcase Time
  • 25 Items Max
  • 10 models per Designer
  • Ability To Book More
  • Recommended To Buyers
  • Secondary Schedule Choice
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Single Designer


  • 100% Creative Control of Runway, Make Up % Hair
  • 45 mins Showcase Time
  • Unlimited Items
  • 20 Models Provided
  • Ability To Book More
  • Guaranteed Buyers
  • Primary Schedule Choice
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New/Young Brands


  • Showcase To Industry Participants
  • 15 mins
  • 10 Models Provided
  • 10 Items Max
  • Sponsorship Credits
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