It’s a beautiful thing when you start a movement from the bottom and it reaches to the top. Last year we pushed for the boutiques to support African fashion, from communicating with over 300, today we have won the interest of 30 boutiques to finally embrace African fashion.

This year, our movement is based around making Ghanaians realize that what is made at home is actually and truly more stylish, more quality and better than the imported 2nd Hand clothes that are rejected abroad sitting in our fashion boutiques. The movement was born with our advert highlighting and hashtagging #AfricanBrands #Boycott2ndHand #BuyMadeInGhana as seen below.

2 days ago, his excellency Nana Akufo-Addo and Her excellency ‘and 2nd lady’ of Ghana Samira Bawumia launched images with the hashtag #WearMadeInGhana. When speaking to a government staff member about this tag and what it was about. They informed us that it was a movement and it noticed on our Accra Fashion Week flier.

The #WearMadeInGhana hashtag although was a slight little different to the #BuyMadeInGhana which the staffer said was assumed to be what was on our flier. Nevertheless, it is all of the same message and we are glad to see the Ghanaian government pick up on our fashion movement.

On behalf of, we are proud to have had this impact. Many might not know, but somewhere in 2013, you would hardly find a celebrity wearing clothes made in Ghana. After much journalism on brands and critique of celebrity outfits, as well as promoting those that did wear African fashion, we have now reached a day in Ghana where almost every red carpet is filled with made in Ghana fashion. It won’t stop with Accra Fashion Week, we are grateful for the governments embracing our movement and we hope to see you all at Accra Fashion Week this October 3-8th, 2017.

Video from 2013