CEO: Nina Titalanga


Ghana – Nina Talanga Biography

Nina Talanga is an emerging fashion brand owned by Nina Titalanga, a professional designer educated at Joyce Ababio College Of Creative Design. The brand has showcased on various platforms in Ghana such as Ghana Fashion Awards, Glitz Africa Fashion Week and more, and now Nina Talanga is ready to take the brand further.

Nina's humble fashion beginnings started in the Cameroon when she would sit by her mum as she stitched clothes, and time by time she will also get involved. As she grew older she was usually disappointing with the work tailors were doing for her, so she then took control and began making her own clothes. As her skills developed she decided to take it further and study clothing in a vocational school.

Nina eventually excelled in fashion and her growing list of clients, she then invested in her travel to Ghana to start business and study at the JACCD fashion school. After her graduation the rest was history and the Nina Talanga brand was born. Her designs are easily recognizable, as she plays with chic and elegance yet maintains a simplistic outlook.

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