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CEO: Edmund Quartey

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AVD is an expression of African artistry, the canvas exuding creative mastery, depicting beauty, consciousness and confidence of the global woman. Finding your roots as a Nubian queen, creating your legacy as a global woman through conscious fashion, superior comfort, creative style and Afrocentric panache. AVD creates bold and striking imagery for the Nubian Divinity that is the Melanated Man. AVD has begun its global reach creating designs for the global male and female through its integration of Nubian and Western epitomes.

The creative lead of AVD Fashion is formed from an artistic and business background with CEO Edmund Quartey a Diasporan Ghanaian from the United Kingdom after 30years residing and working, founded AVD Fashion.

Edmund returned back to Ghana after working in the music and entertainment industry writing and recording for major labels such as EMI/KPM house, and other major dance production companies selling internationally. Edmund also worked within entertainment working both as an extra in daytime programmes such as Emmerdale Farm on ITV, as well as performing/participating on numerous reality shows such as ITV Dinner Date and acting in short movies and adverts such as East Coast Train Line adverts with Rory Bremner and focus athlete on World Athletics programme called “White Men Can’t Run”. Edmund worked also a voice actor and is the voice of the worlds steepest ride in Flamingo Land UK called Mumbo Jumbo.

Although a technical, commercial and managerial person, a civil engineer working in project and commercial management, Edmund found a new love in fashion, and through his entrepreneurialism and love for melding continents styles, he was able to turn his thoughts and ideas into a reality. 2014 became a turning point for AVD during their show stopping opening showcasing of their fashion line “Rapture and Reign” at Glitz Fashion Week 2014. AVD artistry in melding natural fine hand created materials from tree bark, hand drawn artistry, delicate feather work and striking elegant Swarovski crystals into their well-crafted garments for both men and women created a buzz within the industry leading them to a nomination as Best West African Fashion Designer of the Year 2014.

AVD strives to create high quality evening and cocktail wear designs which gives life and expression to the demure and passionate woman with strong affinity to showcasing and depicting the soul of Ghanaian style and panache throughout its designs, extenuating and glorifying the classy, sensual, striking silhouette of the confident edge of the Global woman. The glory masculinity and breathtaking allure of the global man. [/two_third] [two_third_last padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]


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