Ama Afaribea Obese

Afaribea is a fashion and lifestyle blog and shop owned by Ama Afaribea Obese, a young afro centric Ghanaian Blogger and upcoming designer. It has been around only for over a year yet has caught the attention and admiration of real fashion lovers both home and abroad. It started as a fashion lover’s attempt to share her style with the world and grew in scope as people bought into the idea. Afaribea has been leading a campaign for a light tweed woven smock top called “koowa” for some time now.  It is further stretching the limits of this campaign that the brand id participating in the AFWK 2017.


Figs Fashion

Innocent Gbeho Sosu

Figsfashion is a manufacturer of clothing line targeted at male and female from young adults to the aged. The company objectives is to work in a creative environment were talent, imaginations and all round sense of fashion design coupled with “hand-on” made -to order, sales and management experience can be applied to foster product development.
We expertise in fabric sourcing and selection, colour story creation, ladies and men’s wear, cost management, production efficiency, and pattern work